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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grand Opening

In case you missed it the first time, New West KnifeWorks now has a flagship retail store. Back on July 30 we threw a small party for friends and the community to celebrate the opening.

Store Stats:
Hours: M-f 9:00a-5:00p
Location: West Bank Center, next to Teton Sports Club.
What: Retail space in front with New West KnifeWorks knives and custom knives, shipping and office in back
Contact: corey@newwestknifeworks.com, 877-258-0100, www.newwestknifeworks.com

Some highlights from the grand opening:

Up goes the sign.

The team.

Corey chats with a customer about knives.

A good time was had by all.

Please visit next time you are in the area. We can't promise a PBR, but we can promise beautiful high-end cutlery.

by Lindsey

A Farmers Market, Bay Area Style

Last weekend I went back to the Bay Area for my grandmother's 90th birthday. Let me tell you, 90 is old, but I hope when I am 90-years-old I have her life of living independently with my husband, dog and garden. Then I want to celebrate the big 9-0 surrounded by close friends and family- this is exactly what happened last weekend.

Every time I return to San Francisco for a visit, it is nothing short of an eating marathon. Much amazing food was consumed including from Whole Foods, a Falafel sandwich, high-end Peruvian food (with the most amazing Sangria I have ever tasted- and I lived in Spain for six months), crepes and Zachary's pizza (I was raised on this pizza, it is the best pizza on the planet- read about it on Yelp). Anyway, one of the perks of the trip was going to one of the many Sunday farmers' markets. This particular one was the Montclair Village Farmers' Market. This is one of the smaller markets around, but it was jam packed with yummies that would be rare to find in a square state's farmers' market. Here are some highlights:

German Bakery

Peaches as far as the eye can see.

Enough said for those of you, like us, who live where it snows in late June and have an insanely hard frost on September 7.

Beautiful salad mix.

Squash galore.

Giant fruit and veggies down every aisle, you know the kind of goodness that it takes three months or more to grow.

They also had fresh seafood stands, but since I got there right when it opened the fishy goodness was not out yet. I also really enjoyed all the ethnic food prepared on sight to munch on while shopping. Those of you that are still unsure about this small market, you can read about this place on Yelp.

Bottom line, where ever you are take time to check out the local farmers' market, you won't be disappointed. And if you are in the Bay Area go to Zachary's.

by Lindsey

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What do chocolate and a paring knife have in common?

Tomorrow I am headed to what I consider to be the food mecca: San Francisco. I could be a bit biased though because I grew up there. I ate Thai food before it was popular, my grandparents have long frequented specific Indian and Sushi restaurants and brought my sisters and me along. Of course I have been planning my meals for this weekend for months. This trip back to S.F. I will stay with my best friend since I was two-years-old and am going to bring a local Jackson Hole gift. So I selected this duo:

Who doesn't love chocolate and a Flamenco colored Fusionwood paring knife?

This is not just any chocolate and knife combination. The chocolates are each hand crafted locally at Atelier Ortega. I don't really even care for chocolate, but these little morsels are just plain delicious, melt in your mouth goodness. The knife is the Fusionwood Paring knife. This small handy knife is great for peeling, garnishing and intricate work.

So, have you figured out the answer to the post question, "What do chocolates and a paring knife have in common?" The answer is of course that both of these are little pieces of functional art.

Bonus answer: Both make great hostess gifts!